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Here we go again....(Rita and gas prices)


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Dec 3, 2004
London, Ontario, Canada
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Yes I know. I need to vent because I am sick and tired of humans screwing each other over for monetary value. One fucking news that oil production might stop in the Gulf, and some stations here in Southwestern Ontario had prices of, $1.50 / litre, $1.80 / litre, and the final one of $2.20 / litre. The last one equates to $7.10 US / gallon which was in the Niagara region.

I'm a driver and I could care less about fuel prices BUT if fuel prices rise so does the cost of living. Here in Canada you are in poverty if you are making less than 25 grand with a family. You can't survive like that at all. We are taxed in this country and the poor are taxed even more.

It just really pissed me off seeing humans take advantage of a natural disaster. It's fucking disgusting. I'm ashamed to be a human when I see behaviour like that. I guess it is just me. I care too much about human well being. Instead of coming together we fall apart and try to make money of the unfortunate people.

I know there are people out there who do care but we mostly see the bad things and bad people in this world. That's the part that sucks.
Welcome to the paradise of speculators. Nasty speculation has been present since ancient times, so yeah... some human beings tend to be disguisting, not much we can do about it i guess :thumbsdown:
Re: Here we go again....(Rita and gas prices)

Mischief007 said:
Here we go again....(Rita and gas prices)
Yeah... :x
Many gas stations around here are closed already. My friend filled up before and it took him 2 hours and he only got 7 gallons. :(

As long as the oil tycoons have power in the government, things won't change.
Welcome to Capitalism.

Nothing much you can do to avoid it. Greed is inherent in all people, and it comes out in some way or another to fuck up every social system we have ever created.

Unless you move to India and become a Sadhu.
patrick10 said:
im more worried for the people in texas than my gas
Me, not so much... kind of...
Texans get ready for Rita looters :blink:

And I am thruthfully starting to be worried for myself over this petrol situation.

I work days in a plastic parts manufacturing shop. We are running out the raw plastic we use to mold parts from 'cause two plants make the one we use and one of them is broken down and the other one is underneath six foot of water. So my day job is threathened somewhat if this situation doesn't get any better soon.

I deliver for a restaurant on Saturday nights. I have the use of a delivery car BUT gas prices go up, restaurant prices go up, customers call less, I work for base salary plus tips so I end up making less money. :?

Gas prices go up, cost of living goes up AND I make less money and even end up fearing for my job.

I feel for those who have to face the hurricane itself. I wouldn't want to switch places with them but as you can see, ramifications reach far past the weather, the rain & the high winds.
Hmm...I'm back in school, and I have a commute to deal with. I put about 140 km / day on my car, times about 5 days a week. That's roughly 700 km. I have very little income ($50- $80 / week) right now, because of school, and if gas goes to 1.50 or more, I'll be spending about 100 / week on gas. :cry:
Its just crazy, that gas prices rise before something has actually happened, and stay up longer than the crisis lasts. Nasty Oil Corps are completly fucked... We need laws against this.
In Germany (and I doubt its different anywhere else) the companies behjnd the gas stations stack up new profit records each year... UNFAIR

But its also unfair that disaster strikes again for southern america. This time at least, people should be warned, and hopefully the situation will be handeled better...

just read something... bad news,stupid texas government decided not to evacuate prisons... hip hip hurrah for texas prison system :lol:

The gas station near my house apparently had a "technical problem" and decided to raise the price to 1.8x / liter, which lead to panic, and EVERYONE rushed to get gas, some stations bumped their prices, others were out of fuel...

In all the Province! because of ONE fucking gas station!

And the owner is quite cool too, so I do believe the thing about it being an error, but still... wtf! :thumbsdown:
I've been following this Hurricane for a while now and thank god it got down to a Category 3 now but New Orleans is getting hammered again (by rain, levees broke again) and it looks like it is heading for the Texas/Louisiana border now.

I hate seeing people suffer and seeing others making money of off them.

This sucks that this Hurricane is affecting you from such a long way away Roman.

Todays humans I think are worse though than humans before us. Everyone is about material possesions these days and the majority won't help just for the sake of helping.
Governor Sonny Perdue (state of gerogia) has said we have no school on Monday and Tuesday becuse the massive Gas spike that will Occcur

YES STUDY FOR AP Psyscology! (i think i forgot a H somewhere)
Gas prices still under $3.00 here on base. But who cares about the gas..let's hope the flooding that just started agian in N.O., and other possible problems do not cause alot of loss of life.
Good news and bad news...

Good news: It wasn't as bad as Hurricane Russian Bitch. Only Category 2 before it hit.

Bad news: Hit major oil refineries and production facilities in Texas, mostly Lake Charles and Port Arthur, home to 25 percent of America's oil refining facilities. Motorists everywhere build bomb shelters. Locusts swarm Shell stations. The sky turns blood red.

Am I right?