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Hey Guys - NOOB

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Jan 17, 2004
Whats going on guys?

I've spend alot of time on Jabbasworld and some of you may know me from there, but for those who don't - I just wanted to introduce myself.

welcome, this place will be better than JW, you'll see.
As soon as I quit playing video games and finish the site...
so that's been holding you up??!?!?! i thought it was difficult code not a difficult game. lol
Just wondering if anyone plays the new TOCA race driver 2 game. Talk about addictive..barely enough time to watch TG an FG episodes... :D
Great site bye the way...like you don't know already!!
My first post so be gentle :mrgreen:
I think we have a new record holder for oldest resurrected thread, 5.5 months! :mrgreen:

I hope that game is a hell of a lot better than race driver 1.
I was all exited after reading reviews for 1, and then I got the demo... I couldn't believe it, the physics were utter crap :evil: .

If you want a game with REAL driving realism look at GTR : http://gear.viper007bond.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=4855&highlight=gtrpressdemo#4855
what the fuck!?? :shock:

resurecting an old topic with a OT question! :roll: :lol:
it was posted by a noob :wink:
Well, in fairness, the thread had already gone OT :lol: .
Anyways, welcome Boogle, and sorry, I guess we weren't gentle on your first post :lol: .
Seriously, who are these people?!?!?!?

They'd have to dig through the pages on the forum to find this thread - it doesn't even show up on the first page in this section - and then post some completely off-topic question. :roll:

These people must not merely be n00bs to this specific forum, but n00bs to forums alltogether.

Well, anyways, welcome to the forum and congratulations with breaking the record with a 5.5 month ressurect. :)
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