Hi All


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Jun 8, 2004
Midlands, UK
Just thought id say a quick hello to you all, i registered here a while back but havent posted anything as yet. Im a big top gear fan, not to much fifth gear, so im looking to expand my top gear collection :)

i'm in the process of building a server which should be done very soon, so i'll be more than willing to set up a private ftp to share episodes of TG if need be. i have all of series 4 burned onto dvd disks (2 eps for each dvd. quality is more than watchable) so if anyone wants any of those, just ask. unfortunatly i didnt keep the AVI copies, but i might try and get hold of them because they are smaller for people to download :) but i'll share any clips i get.

roll on series 5, and hi all :D