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Jan 2, 2005
Zuerich, Switzerland
Porsche 944 Turbo / Lexus IS200
hi, i just registred in this forum and wanted to invite myself :)

im 21 years old and from switzerland.. since i own a car im getting realy into a car enthusiast :)
actually i love the Top Gear series, so i downloaded allways all TG Stuff i could found.
but since i found this page i always wait until i can download the newest TG episode :) its getting to kind a ritual, watching top gear over the weekend :)

but now looking in this community its like carmovie download heaven :)
i downloaded a lot of carmovies bevor i know this site, but this is just stunning.
so thank you all very mutch for releasing tons of very good movies.. especially 007viper !
i try to seed the torrent files as long as i can, so others can have a benefit from me as well :)

ahh and please excuse my bad english.. i think i can understand the most, but writing is another story :/, il doing my best :|
:lol: I understood you just fine.

Welcome to the forums and I hope you continue to stick around and post. :)

I hate Swiss taxes, especially on cars! It's next to nuttn!!!!!1

Hey welcome to the forums enjoy all the great downloads :lol:

thank you all for the nice welcome !

haz, i havent compare swiss taxes to others so i dont know.. but what i know is, that i hate swiss streetlaws ! theres just no modification allowd on cars, and speeding tickets sure are expensive and risky :(
switserland, is it that country where they are opposed to anything automotive? jeremy visited it
hehe exactly..i think on the show of 7. november this year.
there is a storage hall from rinspeed (the company who build the madest car from topgear view) 5 minutes away from here :)
Welcome, donthomaso. Hope you can bring some good stuff to the forum
Hey, donthomaso? I have a question about driving in Switzerland: Is the speed limit on mountain roads really 80km/h? That's what the Michelin guide says for country roads with unspecified speed limits, but that seems like a really high limit for a mountain road.
well daniel, its not e showroom or something.. but when the hall is open there is allways a chance you can have a look at the cars :)

and yes on the most mountain roads is 80km/h.. when you drive outside a town or villiage theres most of the time 80km/h..
but 80km/h isnt very fast you know, press the pedal a few seconds on a straight line and your way over the limit :) on mountain roads there are not just tiny corners ;)

but i think i enjoy driving on mountain roads the most :)) and you are right, 80kmh on mountain roads isnt that bad 8)
8) When I was in Austria last year, we had a road that goes to the Hotel, it was twisty and very steep, so my moms Discovery (Diesel Jostyrostelli) couldnt even do 80 up the hill although that was the limit. :D

We drove down to Austria BTW, thats how my mums car ended up down there. :p Not a bad ride, only like 15 hours. The Autobahn is king! :thumbsup:
Daniel said:
so my moms Discovery (Diesel Jostyrostelli) couldnt even do 80 up the hill although that was the limit. :D

Hehe why would you wanna go faster than 80km/h up a hill, you might get a fine for that you know ;) j/k

At least you saved money with the diesel, have dinner at MacDonnalds for instance 8)