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Well, Holland is known for it's drugspolicy, but seriously it's not that spectacular, you can't drove around with a trailer full of cocaine and yell if people want to buy cocaine. That's what most of you guys probably think of us ;)

Soft-drugs: It is legal to buy soft-drugs at a coffeeshop. You can buy 5 grams at a time.
Hard-drugs: You can use it but you won't be prosecuted, but dealing is illegal.

Drugs-addicted people can get methadon to replace the need for heroine. But this is pretty common in other countries as well. I think we got the idea from Germany?! But not sure. But since 2 years there is a small group of addicted people who get heroine for free, the methadon is not enough for them. They get it this way, so they don't have to get it from dealers of the street. Now those addicted people don't robb stores, don't do crime anymore and won't bother people on the streets.

As you may think, Holland doesn't have that many drugs addicts, we are average compared to the rest of Europe. With regard to soft drugs, the major problem is the fact that although coffee shops are allowed to sell soft drugs "at the front door", they are not allowed to purchase drugs "at the back door" to be able to supply their customers. So, cannabis is grown illegally in private homes. Sometimes electricity is illegally tapped. Hard drugs are smuggled into our country, a very small part of which by "body packers". XTC and Amphetamine are manufactured in labs, that cause damage to the environment and very dangerous.
I wish Canada would just go ahead and copy that system. It's way worse in the US, half of the prisons are full of people on drug charges.

They have different levels/classes of drugs that are ranked by how strongly it is punished, and pot is in the highest level! I think it is prosecuted more severely thank crack! :?
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Oke come to holand if you want to have drugs, just ask a cop and he'll say where the nearest coffeeshop is, maybe he'll even sell you a few grams.

No I'm not on drugs! :)
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Hehe, yeah don't scare him so much, I'm not a postwhore, look I edited this post 2 time! I could've just made 2 posts, but I didn't ;)


No I'm not on drugs! :)

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If you had petrol, you might be faster, but that would've cost you more money for the petrol. So actually, you were faster but lost the money, with the diesel you might be slower but you can keep the money... :p
forget diesel, or the time you saving when your faster, it does not mather.. its about having as much fun as possible driving up to that hotel :D

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i was in amsterdam last year and i want to go in a month oder to again :)
i realy like it there. hopefully somedays we have coffeeshops in switzerland as well :)

anyway dont bother about this off topic, i like the point from daniel that its like sitting at the pub :) so go on 8)