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These jokes will never get old, because they are not jokes, it is a well known fact that diesel powered cars are taking over the world and therefore they are better. they have a turbo as well so that is good, just for the sound, and one day you will drive a diesel as well because there will be no other car to buy in the future!
Why did you hide the message in WHite Jostyrostelli? Trying to trick me? :p

My mom has a Diesel. It sucks. Diesel is good for some things yes, but it will never take over. The diesel engine has been worked on a lot through the 90's, its time to work on Petrol. Do you hear that Mercedes!? Work! Now! :wink:
BMW already made the diesel faster than the petrol one, it's just a matter of time when we get the Nissan Skyline GTD or the Ferrari F60 Enzo TD :p


Mark my words