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Hmmm ... I think I'll just buy TVR


May 28, 2004
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Nikolaj Smolenskij has just bought TVR.

Nikolaj Smolenskij is described as a young car-crazy guy who drives the best of the best of cars, and constantly changing models. His father Alexender Smolensky was the owner of SBS-Agro, one of Russias biggest banks, that went bankrupt in 1998. Last year he sold OVK which was built up from the remains of SBS-Agro for about $200 mill.

Quote, "I am very enthusiastic on TVR's behalf, and I am thankfull for this opportunity to become a car-manufactorer", writes Nikolaj Smolenskij on the companies home-page.

It's not known (yet) how much owner Peter Wheeler got for TVR, but will remain in the companies board etc.

Please feel free to update/correct my post if you have heard/read something else.

I just misread this whole post:
I was reading Nikolaj Smolenskij has just bought a TVR, all the while thinking: What the hell is so special about one dude buying a TVR? :lol:
Well, after I re-read my post I understood that the post might cause people to mis-read it-like you did.
Decided to just leave the post as it was.... :)

great news update.
maybe they'll make more models now,
or maybe, dare i say, bring em to the
Thanks for the heads up.

I'm unsure if it is a good or bad thing for a Russian oligarch to buy TVR - one of my favourite car manufacturers, and probably my fav British marque.

The good is that TVR will have a nice injection of cash, and hopefully they will stick to their concept of ridiculous power in a light body, styled with the wicked looks, that seem out of this world. After all, Lotus has benefitted from Malaysian ownership , by Proton, so I can't see TVR suffering. Unless the Ruski is an idiot!
Well, seeing that he's a "car-addict" and has driven TVRs for many years, I hope he has nuff respect for the brand itself not to make too many alterations that will fuck the brand up and create dissatisfied customers.

Hopefully, he'll see the cars potential to sell in other countries (such as the US as Bahnstormer mentioned) so that more nations will have to opportunity to buy it without importing it with redicolous taxes in between.

Still, he won't have "superior" power over the brand itself. He will be on the board of the company, but so will the last TVR owner. So, don't expect TVR to fade away or get fucked up. (Lets hope...)

Long live Blackpool :D :D

bahnstormer said:
great news update.
maybe they'll make more models now,
or maybe, dare i say, bring em to the
I think they'd do alright in the US, but it'd be a pain to switch from RHD to LHD...
True enough concerning the change from right to left hand drive. But, if they want to focus on new markeds (nations with left-hand-drive) they will have to make this change to be able to sell in these markeds. And they will, if this russian is as wealthy as media wants him to be.

Lets just hope for some change in a positive direction! Nuttin wrong with TVR pr. today, but change is always fun!

From TVRs homepage: (basically the same as what I wrote in the 1. post in this thread)

Tuesday 27 July 2004

Peter Wheeler today sold 100% of the shares of UK car maker TVR to Nikolai Smolenski. Based in the north west of England, TVR is the leading British sportscar manufacturer and is unique among companies of its size in that it designs and manufactures in house its own range of engines to power its spectacularly designed range of sportscars.

The company employs 400 people in Blackpool and new investment in the factory and the technology therein will bring great benefits to both the cars and the workforce.

"I am very enthusiastic about the potential of TVR and am grateful for the opportunity to become a car manufacturer," explains Nikolai Smolenski. "I have always been a fan of British car manufacturing and believe that the best automotive designers and engineers are in this country."

Founded in 1947 and built up over the last 23 years by Peter Wheeler, TVR's profile has grown dramatically over the last ten years. "It's been a fascinating time and I shall be very sad when I eventually leave," said Wheeler earlier today. "However, it's time to hand the reins over to a younger man and I look forward to helping him with his exciting plans."

Peter Wheeler remains on board as a senior consultant overseeing styling and engineering.

Plans to bring the new Sagaris and Tuscan 2 models into production continue unchanged and the first demonstrators of both cars will be arriving in dealerships in the UK, Japan, mainland Europe and South Africa over the next couple of months.

For further information please contact Ben Samuelson at TVR on +441253 509007, +447976 442602 or at bsamuelson@tvr.co.uk. High res pictures of the TVR range are available at www.tvr.co.uk