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Holidays bringing anyone anything good?

RPM Photography

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Jun 17, 2005
Tampa, FL
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I'm going to pick up a Canon 24-70 f/2.8L and hopefully I'll be able to find a Canon Speedlight 580EX, but its a seriously expensive flash. Probably pick up some new studio backgrounds and other little things, anyone else gettinganything good for the holidays?


yes. holidays do bring good things. (getting a barely used 28-300mm for $150!!)

(50mm f/1.8D from a friend who actually appreciates my pics)

will be buying Hoya HMC filters real soon too. :D :D
Shadowness said:
Hopefully they should last me a while!

I am using a Bogen (Manfrotto) 3001 Tripod and a Bogen(Manfrotto) 3025 Head. And yes, your should last you a while, mine is 23 years old and it still works like new. :D