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Horrible Problem PLZ help


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Jan 12, 2005
Toronto Ontario
07 Max VQ35de
My dad has a 2004 Chrysler Intrepid. As a few days now when in drive with the foot on the brake the rmp goes to 550, insted of 1100. What could cause this problem?

Plz help

Chrysler automatic trannys ...

Is it the Autostick ?

They have had problems with those before...

Can't help much more though, sorry


2004 ?

Still under warranty ? Pick up the phone and call roadside assistance and get it serviced.
yeah.. thats either normal... with my car it is.. or cause from the hot weather then cold... the screw got loosen.. tighten it up a bit... just go to a fast garage.. let them tune it up
I had the exact problem with my sister's lancer before I sold it. It was the idle speed motor. A bit of plastic jammed it so it wouldn't adjust.
you can always adjust your idle speed with a knob, sometimes in the dash or sometimes in the Engine bay... not sure...and was it idling 1100 when you did a cold start or morning start?... try driving till the watertemp is normal and see if the idle drops... its probably just your auto-choke

EDIT: Just realized you had a problem with your idle dropping.... so ignore the second bit of my post ;)
a normal engine would idle at between 750 and 900 rpm's.
why is your at 1100.
I think look at the vacum hose there are many of them.it regulates the RPM when the a/c is turned on the car is at stop on drive.and some other things if there are any.
keep in mind that if your ac is on that would be normal...I used to move manual cars w/o pressing the gas..
Yea it was an injector that was fucked and the car shaked when at stop light. Just got i back from the dealer. Everthing is good :thumbsup:
Warranty service at Chrysler I have never had any problems with.
Very helpful and always did their best to get me on my way fast, even when, once, I showed up without an appointment on a Friday before a three day weekend after push starting the car cause the starter had given up late on Thursday night.