Hot lap with the Stig competition


Feb 11, 2007
Wollongong, Australia
Golf GTI
Who here has entered the competition to win a hot lap with TopGear Australia's Stig?
Reading the fine print, it says that you have to make your own way there etc and they still haven't decided where 'there' is yet, but most likely in NSW somewhere...
Is it too late to enter cause i really want that lap and have a really good idea for a challenge
I entered "lap with the stig" comp but I haven't heard if SBS got my entry.


I think the comp is closed now, does anyone remember what the date was for the actual lap ... 11 MAR 08 ???? (ie next week)
dont think it should be in sydney though. melbourne would be better :)
maybe because i live here :)

sydney do have a world class venue WSID. as apose to our crappy calder.
man calder is a crappy track.
The winner of the competition was Paul Van Damme from Mitcham, Victoria in case anyone was wondering.

SBS aren't saying what the winning idea was.