Hot or Not [Automotive edition]

Not. From Italian car I would expect more in terms of look.

It was missed, so once again:

360 Spyder
Not, Mercedes got ugly after these.


Wrong! I refer you to the Pagoda SL I posted earlier. Although I reckon that Buick was hawt.

Maserati GranCabrio

Pfft. From the nation that ruined the design by insisting Maserati change the rear lights! :p

Have we had this beauty yet?

Large French coupes never really did it to me. Was never sure what's all the fuss about the 406/407 coupe. I'll give it credit for actually being a coupe though, and call it lukewarm.

Lulzy attempt at Israeli sports car in the 60's:

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Hot like baked potato.

Original BMW M6
Hot, lovely Design, lovely engiine


1976 Chevrolet caprice landbarge
Not, the square look never appealed to me.

I'm expecting a big 92 point font size "no" for this one.

This one's tough. I love the idea of a hot sports sedan, and the ISF in black or any dark color is no exception. It's a stealthy car that'll shame most cars from stoplight to stoplight or on a curvy road. But, it's a Lexus with an 8 "look-how-high-we-can-count" speed automatic as the only option with that wonderful V8. I'm going to go with lukewarm.

'73 Citro?n SM
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Hot, but XB, with two ladies inside is hotter: