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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey guys, i cant get on to hotmail at school. they blocekd it. is there n e thing i can do to get round it?

and also i heard u can chagne ur hotmail location to somewhere in the US and u wil lget 250MB storage
the 250 mb is old... i duno about US, i got friends outside the US and they didn't put US in their profile and they still got the 250mb. duno how to get aorund ur school system to ur hotmail tho.. maybe u could link ur email to ur cell phone? that way u can read ur emails and send and chat too.. that'll cost u hella lots of $$, in here atleast. :unsure:
I know this doesn't help much, but there is a site where you can type in the address and it bypasses the block that the school puts on sites. I'll try to remember, because I used to use it all the time.
Dunno, but I'm going to move it...jason :p
jasonchiu said:
do you know any of them lol?

o shit whats this doing in automotive lol?!?!?! :bangin: :bangin: :bangin:

I guess it was an improvement, when you noticed it. ;) :lol:
yup... I read an article on how to get 250mb Hotmail... you just have to change your location to the US and deactivate and reactivate your account ;)
haha u read the article on the engineering monthly...i read it too...but y not just use gmail....ill send u an invite if want me 2
Can you get to your GMail account at school? You could just set up your Hotmail account to forward everything to your GMail account.
GMail > all other free accounts
^ gmail is not secure, they said so themselves, i read it in an article a couple of months ago. trust :p
logo said:
^ gmail is not secure, they said so themselves, i read it in an article a couple of months ago. trust :p

And that has been fixed after you read the article. Took them a couple of days to patch the issue :)
Indeed, I'm STILL on 2MB for my hotmail account. Hello Microsoft, it's 2005!