How about we morph the celeb segment into "The Celebrity Grand Prix"


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Mar 7, 2007
Mountain View, CA
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Just an idea that would make the celebrity segment a whole lot more interesting to me and maybe some other people too.

-A large "Celebrity Grand Prix" is held at the end of a series with all celebrities that visit over the course of the series. Head to head racing, think UK version of Long Beach, CA Celebrity Race.
-Different celebrities appear each week to show off the livery of their car which advertises whatever they've got going on. Use different cars or spec cars.
-Celebrity puts in a qualifying lap for the main race in their liveried car.
-Bridge will need to be constructed for the sections of the track that overlap for the main race, think race of champions.

All of a sudden, I care what the celebrities are doing in studio each week. Curious to see what the different cars will look like, what sort of car they picked for the race if it isn't a spec car, and curious to see their qual time.

Please? :mrgreen: