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How do backfires happen?


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Oct 19, 2005
I've been trying to search on google for the answer but i just can't find any info on it. So I've come here hopping one of you could tell me or direct me to an information source. :(
all it is is just unburnt fuel entering the exhaust and igniting there. it happen when you lift off throttle so you get oxygen in the exhaust too that causes the fuel to burn, pretty basic idea. they use the same ideas to help spool turbos between shift on rally cars called anti lag


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My carburetted car will backfire sometimes when I start it up.
Occasionally, fuel will make it's way into the exhaust and ignites when I turn the key. It makes for a loud pop that sounds like a gun shot. :lol:

You can also retard the timing a bit to get popping on decel.