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How do I buy Live for Speed S1?


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May 29, 2004
After you've done some laps in the GT-Turbo in the demo, you might be wanting the full version. But, as many other people might think, games are expensive these days.

Not this game! You don't even have to go to the shop!

These are the prices for the game:

?12 - Buy LFS S1 license
?12 - Pre-order LFS S2 license (upgrade)
?24 - Buy LFS S1 license & pre-order S2 license

You can pay with credit card (VISA, Mastercard and UK debit cards), PayPal, UK cheque and international Money Order.

(If you want to buy LFS on cd and/or by bank transfer - visit www.live-for-speed.de)

You get an email with the Voucher-code, type it in in the game and get racing!


"Read before you buy"
"License Agreement"
"Buy a License"

I'll see you in the saturday race!
hmm still expensive for me :( is it really that good? i'll just wait for gt4 but it won't be online :cry:
I finialy got the code, after sending a strikt email asking why i still didn't have the code i got it a few hours later :)
is there a cracked/hacked version out hterE?
oh man that junk got locked...
too bad some ppl are really immature

the game is great and i'd love to buy
it, but i just odn't have the cash now
and they have given me an itch
that i need to scratch, the demo
ain't enuff heheheh

so i was gonna crack it, enjoy it
then buy it when i had the money...
i respect this game a lot more than
some shitty production like the latest
cmr05 is....
heheheheh =]
the sat race might not be so fun for me
cuz i'm only lapping in teh 1.47 range
right now - but i haven't touched the settings
yet cuz i'm afraid i'll fuck em up

i put more air pressure in and taller final drive
Get a decent setup for any car..


Or check the Setup thread

And again, it's about fun not about winning, ESPN or MXM wins anyway :lol:

With 10 people there sure is somebody who equals you and you can race with him during the race.

Just log on with the demo this saturday and see..

[and if you do, please PM me or let me know so I can edit you in the list]
Jostyrostelli said:
With 10 people there sure is somebody who equals you and you can race with him during the race.
Exactly, that's why I like to start last, so that I can at least have some fun passing or catching someone.
does anyone know how can I order LFS without credit card to finland? :\