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how do u watch a PFTV-LOL File?


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey guys jsut downloaded a video off suprnova to watch but then its a PDTV-LOL file. wtf is that and how do i open it so i can watch it =.='

PDTV-LOL is not a file format.It's some kind of TV rip group. The file should be a .avi so there is no problem playing it with the media player. Maybe the ending is just missing. Try to rename the file from PDTV-LOL to PDTV-LOL.avi .If this doesnt't help download Videolan http://www.videolan.org/ it should be able to play the file.
swek idea was right lol. the guy changed the filename so it didnt work. what an asshole lol. thanks guys
PDTV is the type of source it was ripped from (pure-digital TV) and LOL is the group that ripped it.