How do you like your meat?

How do you like your meat?

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Rare to medium rare please.
the problem is, if you dare to order a "medium" steak in France, it will be bloody as hell

And if you order anything more well-done than 'medium', expect to have a fight with the waiter and possibly the chef, too.

Er, as to the topic, sorry. Don't eat red meat.
i chose rare but i usually order it blue. The joke among my friends is that i would like a steak cooked by waving a poloroid of a fire underneath it.

Failing that, usually medium-rare, so I don't spend the entire meal hearing, "eww, how can you eat that?! Gross! There's so much blood!"
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I used to always get well-done, but now I've been trying medium-well because it's more tender.
Rare for beef, medium rare for lamb, blushing pink for pork, well done for chicken.

*Im a veggie (not vegan)


I'm a Brahmin, so I'm a veggie for religious reasons. But I got nuttin' against people eating meat. It's a free universe.
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I hate it how sometimes you'll order a steak a certain way but they'll under/overcook it. I know for a fact that in some states you cannot get less than medium-rare for health reasons. usually what I try to do is when I'm requested to specify how i want my meat prepared, I Insist it be prepared "Culinary Medium". sometimes they dry that sucker out or the center is dark red like it's still cold. On the Other Hand, For some reason i prefer Burger meat to be Medium-Well to Well-Done.
Medium-rare. I still like a little bit of blood in there.
Somewhere between medium-rare and medium.

Oh yeah, Wagyu beef is brilliant.