How do you like your meat?

How do you like your meat?

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Well, meat is a rather unspecific term and I don?t really think all meat is the same ... I mean ... you wouldn?t want the minced meat in your spagetti to be rare, would you? Or Veal ... or Liver ... order Chicken medium and see them call the ambulance straight away ...

With Beef that is of course a matter you can discuss about ... I don?t get people ordering beef "rare" ... that?s like ordering a glass of cow-blood :blink: ... but I don?t get people ordering it cooked it fuck (well done) neither. I like mine medium, nice and juicy in the middle but with a nice crust.

I'm a Brahmin, so I'm a veggie for religious reasons. But I got nuttin' against people eating meat. It's a free universe.
Chvvkumar: Yay another brahmin! +rep to you good sir.
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Depends on the kind and cut of meat obviously, but rare-ish to medium rare.
Well-done. But when it's an option, I tell them to turn the temp way down so it cooks clower and more thorough. Hardly ever gets done though, only place that actually does it is the local Cracker Barrel (for those of you not in the know, read: hick restaurant), because I used to work with one of the waitresses at the devil's workplace, Wal-Mart.
It is way too easy for me too even bother. (Just for the record i like it well done, not Burned, or charcoaled, just well done)
small, shriveled, and a little to the left...
For me, I'll be the last person at the table to order because if someone else orders something that needs to be cooked a certain way, odds are steak at that table will all be cooked that way.

If two people at the table order a steak well done, I have to order medium rare or rare to get it where I like it. But if I'm at a table that orders medium rare or rare, I can go medium to medium rare and be happy.

Of course I don't eat at too fancy of steakhouses all that often.
Medium Rare, I have found for my its best. I find it to be the most flavourful of cooking it.
For me a properly done medium steak or burger is just about perfect. Many burger places near me won't go below medium anyway.
Medium rare is the way to go. Most people who only eat well done because they thing pink meat is disgusting have no idea what they're missing.