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how good is THE STIG?????

Bella Maquina

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May 24, 2005
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Do you thing a F1 or Rally Driver can go fastser around the TopGear test Track than the Stig???? in the same car of course ;)
who good????? :lol: sry, couldn't help myself ...

dude, the stiggy rules 8)
No I don't get the funny part, because he edited it...

Buba said:
No I don't get the funny part, because he edited it...


no biggie, but he had written "who good" instead of "how good" ... andI think Leppy was referring to that you can't really measure "how good" someone is at something, I guess unless you compare it to something ...

jensked said:
The Stig ones drove a Renault F1 car...

Nope he did not, that was Heikki Kovalainen (Renault driver) in a Stiggy suit :)
I'd like to see the Stig in the Reasonably Priced Car, would be interesting to see what lap time he could do.
He has already done a time in the liana.... its was 1:45 I believe... (correct me if I am wrong) But this was the black stig.
^ you are correct i think.. i've heard JC say his laptime is 1:45 once.
The STIG is usually chosen to be a former race driver. A current one with a bit more exercise might slightly outrun him, but by very very little. So he is actually very good at what he does.
Ah, my bad... Ben Collins is frequently the white Stig, however they do use other drivers when commitments collide.

Perry is still driving, currently with Audi. His book is well worth a read.
Why wouldn't they let him drive the F1 car?

They let these young kids test them all the time who got less experience then the stig has I assume.

The stig knows the track very well but if they had The Enzo test driver who first get to know the track ofcourse and then set a fast lap he would beat the stigs time easy.

Or have Heikki do the lap in the F1 car.

Or have MS do a lap in any car for that matter.