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Mar 31, 2009
Hey man, the whole 'Chriss Evans' and 'In love' thing in the same sentence, I'm gonna leave that in your sick mind....sjees, that's an image that's gonna take a few beers to get over....

As for the less disturbing part of your comment: bullshit, this whole 'ending CHM/beginning of Evansgear' saga , do you think we will ever know what really happende there? Apart from the bull either fed to the press or made up by them?
The beeb wanted to get rid of Jeremy, the whole steak incident was just the stick they used to beat the dog, even you must see that, all the crap that goes around inside the bbc, the pedophiles and the rapists, the ginger cunts exposing themselves, that's somehow fine, but throw a punch and they kick out one of their biggest money makers? Bullshit, couple of months suspension whithout pay, a big cheque for the guy he hit, public apology, and it would have been the end of that, but no, they WANTED Clarkson gone, and I'm willing to bet a stupid amount of money the people way up high wanted nothing better than to put someone like Evans in his place, someone nice and controllable.....right up until the point it was clear it wasen't going to work out offcourse.

And do you really believe Evans had selfdoubt? That he was reluctant to take the job? Really? Evans? Have you ever had to deal with people like him? They are incapable of doubting themselves, they are incapable of seeing fault with themselves, so don't give me that 'oh he tried and he failed but he's such a good guy' rubbish, what he his is an opportunistic little weasel who saw Jeremy fall and jumped at the change to take over, as is cleary indicated by some of the things he said this season, and the way he was strutting around like the worlds most obnoxious rooster, all of this he did knowing full well that Jeremy had been shot in the back.

So no, I will not just 'get over it' , as far as I am concerned, the little shit deserved every bit of mud that's been poured over him, I just wished I had a bigger bucket.
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Jun 18, 2015
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I've only just now torrented the new series and up to now couldn't stand to watch the complete first episode. Tried twice but couldn't stop cringing long enough. Before, when first news about the new line-up leaked, I wrote 'I'd watch that' but somehow it turned out to be a huge letdown. Pointless antics in the studio. Presenters don't gel with each other. Pointless childish Top Gun segment... it all but made me LONG for some toilet humour!

Does it go on this way? Should I just delete it and forget it?
I think it was episode 3 that was surprisingly really good.

Most of the Top Gear Extra episodes were quite good too, even when the main show was crap that week.


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Mar 29, 2008
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The biggest issue I have had with post-CHM Top Gear is that, well... it's without Clarkson, Hammond and May. Those three are the very reason Top Gear went from a puny BBC car show to a worldwide phenomenon. It was NOT, I repeat NOT about cars. It may have been in the beginning, in 2002, but as soon as they found out how well the three worked together, it stopped being a car show became entertainment.

If you still think that Top Gear was a car show, you have fallen victim to your own illusion.

The biggest error Chris Evans and his crew made, was carbon-copying the way Top Gear was produced and executed. The looks are there, the fancy cars are there but the originality, the fun, the humor and the awesomeness are completely gone. They didn't bother much with coming up with own ideas, they were doing things CHM did 10 years or more ago, hoping that people would have forgotten about it by now. Well, maybe some here have (from some comments you have to believe that) but I haven't. The thing is that I know Top Gear very well, watched all seasons and all episodes several times, and I immediately recognize when something is new and original or if it was reheated with adding some herbs to make it look fresh.

I said it before and I say it again: With the internet and YouTube, you have no shortage of interesting car shows or car reviewing channels. This for instance, which I shamelessly cross-post from another topic, is at least ten times better than anything car-related Chris Evans and his team did in the past 6 episodes:

With stuff like that available on YouTube for everyone around the world for free, you do not need the Top Gear of 2002, 2006, 2008 or 2010 anymore. It's obsolete. Completely wasted. Money thrown into the fire. Clarkson, Hammond, May and Andy Wilman recognized that years ago and changed Top Gear into something different, into a show where three guys do challenges together, go on hilarious journeys with silly tasks and sometimes very dangerous experiences. The brand "Top Gear" was changed from a car show to an entertainment program about three blokes, loosely connected to cars.

Chris Evans tried to turn the clock back to 2004. And he failed. Miserably. because we have 2016 now and everything, absolutely everythng they did in the 23rd series of Top Gear, can be found in a better, more original, more entertaining and more exiciting way on the internet. With the unique characteristic of Clarkson, Hammond and May gone, Top Gear ended up being uninteresting and boooooring. BOOOOORING. Never mind the fancy pictures and the top notch editing. It was like one of those fake cakes they put into shop windows: Looking tasty at first but is made from plastic and hollow inside.