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How is the ATI x800GTO 256mb PCI-E?


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Jan 3, 2005
San Francisco, California
I've been looking up more video cards and came across these x800gto's.

I read that they are stock at 12pipe lines but many has unlocked them to 16pipes. The only drawback now is that the more recent shipments are no longer unlockable.

Overall, these cards come out to an avg of $150 depending on rebates/refurb from newegg.

Is it worth buying? Everyone has said these are better than the 6600gt 128mb(which i own and could pawn off on ebay).

Anyone actually has these cards and playing with them?


-Connect3d x800gto 256mb.


-Sapphire X800gto 256mb Fireblade edition(bigger hsf and higher overclockability)

I read in reviews that hte sapphire ones are loud as a jack hammer.
are u sure sapphire card is so loud? I have x1800XT with the same fan and it is not loud at all at most times, fan never reaches maximum speed.
Well I have only read reviews on these cards. But most people say the fan noise is pretty bad.
I'm leaning more toward the $150 range
X800 are good value with quite very good performace. They have always been good buys for people. Not sure on the OC part, but most dont do that anyway.

Check the Mem/Core Clock Speed of all the X800's you are looking at, sometimes for the same money you can get a bit of a speed bump (as not all are clocked the same), instead of having to OC yourself :)
haha604 said:
You should get the GTO2, which overclocks much better.

deffinatly get the gto2 if you are gonna get a gto. it has a 100% unlock success rate. 16 pipes and very very fast core and memory speeds. much faster than the one i have :p i havea sapphire x800gto AGP. i flashed it to an x800XL so now it has 16 pipelines. i also oc'ed the core and memory a bit.

its the best bang for your buck pci-e card out right now. here's a whole thread dedicated to the card.
I just ordered a SAPPHIRE Radeon X800GTO Ultimate 256MB from newegg last night fro $135:
It used to be all passive cooling, but they added a quiet fan too. I don't know if this one can be unlocked at all?

I would have gotten the GTO2 which easily flashes to an XT, but I was at my price limit already.
lol i got the agp x800 gto and it cost me $193. :p thats another reason to switch to pcie. i think going with the gto2 is worth it man. Hopefully you will get a 480 core thats unlockable.