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How many episodes do YOU have?


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Jan 11, 2005
These are all I can find on the internet.... I wonder if any pre 2002 episodes exist out here? If you got em... Share um!

I have all of the new series. :canadian: Sadly though, most are Jabba's World rips.
I have every episode of the new program except for the "best ofs" which are kinda redundant if you own the entire series.
Looks like you're missing Series 2, Episode 10 (where they test the TVR 350C against the Noble M400, the VW Phaeton and some modified Range Rovers). It's strange but Top Gear never had this episode on their website.
I have full 4 - 5th series, and other 3 collecting still :( well it's not bad as i started collecting in december :)

also got about 5 Clarkson's movies ... thanks to the Beta cars.com - without them i wouldn't have half of my episodes... :)

by the way what is Top Gear - Back in the Fast Lane?
Wasn't really sure how many I actually had so I numbered them according to your list and it turns out I have almost everything.
I'm missing half the episodes from the first series, but series 2 - 5 are complete :)
Quite of few of the 1-3 series are JW's though, so hopefully I'll be able to replace those some day.
I have all episodes... As ev everyone else I have too many Jabbas world... Anyway. I hope BBC will someday release a DVD-box...
I have none :(
Because I got a new hardrive and did not take backups.
Looking forward to 2005 season 8)
Hi all, this is my first post on the boards, what better way to show ppl what I have so far:

12 TG 2004 eps (the ones which aren't available not, obviously)
TG Back in the fast lane
No limits

I'm busy catching up :)

Please note, I'm not english....so my spelling could be a bit off :)

I've got every episode of the last series, a few of the 2003 series (including the Toyota truck and Lambo episodes), a couple of other shows hosted by Clarkson, some Fifth Gear but I've deleted a lot of them and others to make way for the new Doctor Who series and the upcoming new series of Top Gear.

I need a much bigger HD, or a DVD burner. :|
HQ Versions

HQ Versions

Hi everyone,
I also have ALL of them, with a few of JW (Jabba's World) versions. However, Hokie's FTP has some great 350MB versions (in the Upload folder, not in the Top gear Folder) :thumbsup: of the early series 1 and 2 episodes, so I only have about 5 low quality versions. Does anyone know where to get HQ versions of all the Episodes?

Yaay! My first post here...

I have the 2004 season (most of all), unfortunately, the last episode was lost because a Hd's death :oops: ...

I wait this re-launch (in Brasil, only a few people knows this program... This is SAD!!!)