How not to build a traffic circle/roundabout/godforsaken irritating POS


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Mar 31, 2009
ladies and gentlemen.....I give you the worlds most expensive cycle bridge:


This was supposed to be part of a new 4 lane expressway connecting 2 mayor cities, but the expressway got re-routed just before the bridge and now leads along the canal instead of going over it, ending up nowhere near the city it was supposed to connect a result the bridge is only open to cyclists, the new road is hardly used and the 'old' road connecting said 2 towns is still in constant gridlock.

Also near here is the N718, it's a 3.5Km stretch of motorway complete with on and off ramp complexes that does not really start anywhere, and does not really go anywhere either......local youths use it to test the top speed of their cars.
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May 3, 2006
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Most junctions aren't too bad around here. This interchange on the M60 is a weird one as you feel like you are doing full loops on it rather than just going at 90 degrees. It isn't actually that bad to navigate on however and can be quite fun at quiet times with the large constant radius turns.


This junction, which is also on the M60, is another weird one to drive on. If you leave the M60 (the large road going left to right) from the left to get onto the A34 (N-S) you leave a long way back, loop away from the M60 but then practically rejoin it before finally looping over it. The M60 is labelled the M63 on the diagram (old number).



Edit: Just thought of an interesting one only about a mile from where I live. They have made a large part of the village into a "shared zone" so cars, people, bikes etc all have equal rights of way and there aren't any road markings or signs. They have made the main junction in the village into two connecting roundabouts with no gap between them. The problem is with no road markings the roundabouts are only marked by slightly different coloured paving (and dim lights at night) so it badly confuses a lot of people. Also if your way is blocked onto the second roundabout you have to stop dead on the first so it can clog up quite quickly. Despite all that the chaos does kind of work and it flows better than the traditional junction that used to be there.
It is so new there aren't many pictures so this is the best I can find. It only shows half of the junction but you can see the lack of clear markings.




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Oct 17, 2011
Not quite as technically dumb, but just the shear quantity. There are 4 roundabouts on every overpass (4 total, for 16 roundabouts) over Highway 41 in Oshkosh (town of 60k people, 4 lane highway). They just built these in a 2 billion dollar restructure project which they aren't done with yet. Watched at least a dozen people go down the wrong way on off ramps and onto highway 41 the wrong way. It's ridiculous.