How often do you surf by this forum?

How often do you surf by this forum?

  • 10-15 times a day

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  • 5-10 times a day

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  • 2-5 times a day

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  • Every other day

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  • Every fourth day

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  • Once a week

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  • Once in two weeks

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  • Once a month

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May 28, 2004
Tesla Model S 75D BMW E39 Wagon
I guess the last couple of months this forum has been - not dead - but close ..

Is this because it's been summer and people are away or just because there aren't any new TG/Fifth Gear ep.s yet? (nor any other torrents for that matter)

Also there are, as we know, some users that are more active than others on this forum. But many of these haven't been as active as before-but I don't know if this is even related to any of the above suggestions to why this forum isn't being contributed to as much as before ..

Anyways, I've made a poll to kind of find out a little more to all this.

Just plot in once how often you visit (and at least contribute with a post during your visit) the forum.

Thx fellow buddies :)

You should!

i check in the morning, a while before i go to sleep and a few times inbetween.
yeah, me to, so 1-5 times a day
i think the ppl that check in , Once a week, Once in two weeks, Once a month

wont vote of this poll until a while has past. :mrgreen:
5-15 times...more so since I want to know what the bloody car is in the "Guess That Car" thread :mrgreen:
Just a couple times a day.
Jostyrostelli said:
You still don't know? Psstt....(Citroen C5)
Yeah I looked, saw your post... :p
now it's more like a few times a week.. college + no new vids explains it.

This summer well, you all know I was "more" active :wink:
yeah, you are needed here often.

good posts and your excellent moding.

kissie kissie kissie ............ :lol:

5-10...i'm between here and (shameless plug for) ...
i like the broadness of this site...more a collection of car heads than anything else