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How the hell?!


Sep 27, 2004
Stavanger, Norway
How the hell can this be done? It's not special effects or anything
like this, I've read about it before, some octopus can actually
do this. Even though I never believed it could work so well... omg

holly shit!!! thats some really good disguise!! wow.. at first i didn't know where the fuck it came from.. but with the replay.. :shock:
:? woooooow, I can't believe it's not fx
Thats awesome, seems like a silly thing to fake so I'd guess its real.
hehehe you or your bird? :p
that octopus is :shock:
i saws another vid somewhere that showed an octopus running on 2 of its legs to run away from dangerous situations.
i have to say..i find marine biology and exploration to be much for fascinating and interesting than space exploration...
You should see Discovery Channel or National Geographic more often, they once laid an octopus on a chessboard and the octopus 'dissapeared'.

The octopus even managed to camouflage itself away when laying half on a chessboard and other half on a purple painting.

It's amazing.
Holy crap :shock:

With the reverse/slow-mo you can hardly spot the thing. Id shit my pants if I would stumble across such well hidden creature..