Feed The Beast: How to install Optifine (super easy)


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Sep 21, 2003
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From one of the texture pack info pages:

Optifine Installation Guide

  1. Download Optifine
  2. Open FTB Launcher
  3. Click the Edit Mod Pack button
  4. Click the JarMods tab
  5. Click the Add Mod button
  6. Browse and select the downloaded Optifine zip
If Optifine is in the Enabled Mods section of the JarMods tab, it is installed correctly!

Don't extract the ZIP file.

It's worth doing as it'll increase your FPS plus allow you to do a ton of other cool stuff like way finer draw distance control, clear water, etc. etc. etc.
What version did you use? I couldn't get any version to work, but then again I'm on Mac, which shouldn't matter with Java but does.
It may not have had anything to do with Optifine. The new version of FTB MindCrack seems to just be broken on OS X :cry: .

Edit: Now that I've solved the issue with the new version of MindCrack, Optifine is working great.
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