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how to open ports?


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey guys i was wondering how to open ports on my computer so that i can tranfer files quicker e.g. for msn messenger and of course when seeding to give the top gear videos to others

thanks for the help in advance
opening ports wont speedup your upload on msn. closing your ports will result in no longer be able to send anything thru msn. if you can send sth, they're open
Opening ports on a modem/router/firewall:

Open a browser, enter the ip of the modem. Usually at this point it will ask for a username and password, these are for the modem/router/firewall. (if you dont know it you may have to reset the router to defaults, usually by entering a paper clip into the reset button on the back or holding the power button for a period of time, consult manual to be sure, NOTE: YOU WILL NEED TO ENTER ALL OF YOUR ISP SETTINGS IF YOU DO THIS) Default passwords are 'admin' and 'password' although may change depending on device (check manual to be sure)

Once your into the web interface look for a option for PORTS or FIREWALL.
Usually the port section will consist of a port number, an ip address and wether it's tcp or udp.

Enter in your port for your bit torrent client (Eg azureus uses 6881 and 6969)
Choose tcp
Enter in the ip of the machine your forwarding the port too.
Repeat for udp

Save settings and reboot router/modem/firewall.