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how to resume seeding after moving completed file


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey guys, i am off for a one month holiday to ingerwand and iam gonna leave my computer on to seed and download for the whole time! whoohoo!

however the HD i am using only has 5GB left of space so i wanna move all the downloaded stuff to another place and continue seeding it.

i move the stuff before but then the thing thinks that its dissappeared and downloads it again lol.

thanks in advance

have a good summer everyone see u in 1 month

depends on the torrent client you're using...

but you should find an option like "use torrent for seeding" or "select download folder manually"...
Just move your entire DL folder to where you want it, and then check your c:\programmes\bitcomet\torrent folder, because in there are the torrents. Start it up, change the DL folder to the new one, double click on the .torrents and you should be fine...

hey guys, i have 8 hrs left in my house please help me figure out how to do this!

situation is i have all my download stuff and currently downloading stuff in (I:) drive and the spare space is in the (G:) drive.

what are the steps to take to move the stuff, and still make my bit torrent client, bit comet, know where they are and carry on seeding


didn't buba's instructions work?
Download the torrent file. Go into your client and find like a button that says "new torrent, non-default save location". Click it, pick the torrent, pick the completed file. It'll verify it and then seed.
jeffy777 said:
didn't buba's instructions work?

Maybe more than 1 line is too complicated???

^^ Did you actually develop a sense of humor? ;-) Nice... Have fun on your Trip!