Howdy all, I'm back-ish. PS: Fuck cancer


you have been missed.
Welcome back! Cancer can eat a big ol' buffet of dicks.
Welcome back hombre. Happy to hear your treatments are going well!
Welcome back! We're all rooting for yah!
Welcome back! as the parrot says, in this case it's correct. :p
Welcome back!
ZOMG! Glad to hear it's in remission.

And yes, fuck cancer with a flaming metal cactus.
Good luck on that transplant! Glad to see you well.

Was just talking to my aunt about getting tested myself as a possible donor. Must investigate further.
Okay now, while you been away there's been some rule updates... you now have to post a proof pic of your internals with a signed piece of paper on them. :p

Anyway, hold on thurr, cause that's the only gear we have left.

Best wishes & crossed fingers.