Howto: Vignette in Adobe Premiere Pro


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Jan 14, 2007
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Here's a simple way I came up with to adding a simple, effective and properly rendered vignette to your videos (which should be just 1 tool to enhance them, you should play with levels and colour correction as well and if needed, I can write up something about those as well):

First, you have to go to the timeline and select the clip you want to apply the vignette to.

Then, in the effects browser find the circle filter:

Then drag it to the effects control window and position it in last place:

This is what it looks like by default. Now you need to change its colour to black, invert it, so what will be applied to the video is the outside of the circle, not the circle itself and change the blending mode to overlay (this is the most crucial part to get the vignette to look properly. This way shadows will turn black, midtones will get a bit darker and highlights will darken a little, while white clipping will not change at all. Other vignette tutorials have you use multiply or normal, which isn't right as it will turn white areas to grey and natural vignetting just doesn't work that way).

Then all you have to do is change the radius, feathering and opacity to get the desired subtle effect (overdoing it just shows that you used a filter, it doesn't just subtly direct attention to what you want your viewer to notice most).

As with any filter, you can also add keyframes along the clip and adjust all the parameters if you so wish, but I find keeping it static is effective in most cases.

Here's a final comparison of before and after:

Another good option might be magic bullet looks! I think it's also available for Premiere.
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