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http download ETA?


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Apr 12, 2004
this has probably been asked before.... but is there a set time?
torrents dont work behind this firewall
Been coding on and off for the past couple days. A week perhaps?

and thank you for keeping the old site and making this new haven for these downloads, its a small niche of enthusiasts, especially here in the US where it doesnt air

me and all of my buddies on the network who watch (and will leech from me) thank you for being the one pillar of the top/5th gear world

jabba can go to hell
jackrungh said:
jabba can go to hell


lets try to keep the flaming to a minimum even if others agree with that statement. We don't want people from JW coming here defending him or the site cuz of a stupid comment said here, we don't need that drama.

By the way, I DO know how you feel. :wink:
God, drama... :roll:
forget about it, feel free to agree or disagree with anyone just keep flaming to a minimum. :wink:
I like this smily: :shock:

Not a very useful contribution but hey I felt like saying that. That and this site is the best source for TG/FG related stuffs :D
hell yeah, i agree with that.
:| <---- That smily has always been my favourite... mostly because it doesn't seem to mean much at all. He's just sitting there chillin', he's too cool to have to smile, frown, blush etc.

awesome...i can finally start downing the eps :D
great work man.