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Hummer vs. Panda


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
When general Hannibal Barcas led his army across the Alps in 218 BC, attempting to take the Romans off-guard by attacking them from the north, he did so with tens of thousands of soldiers and 37 elephants. Elephants being quite hard to come by in the modern world, to recreate his journey, we took a Hummer H2, accompanied by a slightly smaller SUV, the Fiat Panda 4x4.

On our way to the south of France, the two four-wheel drives must have looked an odd couple: the small high-set, Panda, next to the massive H2. But apart from being three times as heavy (and seven-and-a-half times as expensive), the Hummer is five times as powerful too, enabling it to shake the little one off so now and then. A slight press of the throttle pedal and with the imposing pounding of the V8 (for the outside world that is; inside it doesn't sound all that special), the American builds up speed without much trouble.

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Edit: Yeah, I pretty much agree. The Panda is way too underpowered and the H2 is way too big for European roads. The H2 doesn't even come close to filling up a lane of traffic here. The H3 will be much better for over there.
Looks like a chase scene from some James Bond movie, with Bond and the token hot chick in the Panda being chased by some comical bad guys. Like in For Your Eyes Only, except not. :mrgreen: