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Oct 28, 2005
assuming it can handle the power, how quickly would a 250 kg, 360+ bhp carbon-fiber ariel atom lap the top gear test track?
I don't know...why? Do you want to see if it can do a lap of the TG test track in under a minute :lol:

Whats with these threads :bangin:
But i think 250 kg is a little bit to light.I think is made from aluminium or something like that so it is as light is possible.But how knows one thing is for sure it will fly around the track it the hands of The Stig..
darksag3x said:
assuming it can handle the power, how quickly would a 250 kg, 360+ bhp carbon-fiber ariel atom lap the top gear test track?

Very strange question, really without enough info... 250kg with/without the driver? Either way, that's unrealistically light I think. Even the original Ariel Atom (Look here) was 455.9kg! With 111.0BHP!!!
You seem to assume you can make the car completely with Carbon fibre - which you can't. It doesn't have the rigidity, among other things. It's just not possible.
And they've already made the car really, really light as it is. Bear in mind, there's very little car actually there, and what is there is made out of Aluminium (IIRC). [This has actually not helped reduce the drag in any way, having all the exposed bits...]
Granted, you have motorbikes around this weight level now, but they don't have anywhere near 360bhp (someone's posted here that the GXR1000 shown in the most recent fifth gear episode has 161hp/L and from what I can find, that's a 988cc engine... (see here))
Oh well, I'll play along as best as I can.

Given your 360bhp car (you say 360+ - that's not very specific so I'm sticking with 360), with a quarter ton weight. Simple maths, that's 1440bhp/ton.
The current Ariel Atom is 455.9kg and 110bhp. We'll use this as aerodynamically and handling wise, it's the closest car, obviously. This gives 241.3bhp/ton.

That's a sixth of your hypothetical values.

This is already looking silly.

jensked said:
Huh? There already was an Ariel Atom in the show, or don't you mean this one? Are there several versions?

1st Maserati MC12 - 1.18.9

2nd Ferrari F60 Enzo - 1.19.0

3rd Ariel Atom - 1.19.5

So, we have a time of 1.19.5 for the real Atom. But it's not as easy as dividing that time by 6. The only thing I can tell you now is that it will be faster.

Will it beat 1min? No way to find out without doing it (impossible) or simulating it (pointless and difficult, thus impractical).

Because you now have another problem. The gearing will have to be very different for a start, so the acceleration and top end values will be different.
On a course like the Top Gear track, it's acceleration that's what matters. In this case, the car should be amazing.

Assuming that it really can handle all that power and isn't doing wheelies and hasn't torn the gearbox/diff apart.

No, the parameters would all need to be very different from any existing car, so there really is no way to give you an answer.

Let's just say that assuming it is possible, then it'd be bloody fast.
^ dont forget that the Atom with a driver isnt exactly the most aerodynamic
bartboy9891 said:
^ dont forget that the Atom with a driver isnt exactly the most aerodynamic

Yup, I know. Should'a mentioned that (I've studyed aerodynamics for over a year...)
Actually I'm surprised they've not tried to improve the aerodynamic side of the car at all - even if they use thin perspex sheeting to cover all the exposed areas and create a fly screen, that should help a little, be light and probably improve the car's dynamics...
And the most powerful production Atom can have a 300 bhp engine.
If the car was that light, it would not have enough mechanical grip.
The Atom is not aerodynamic at all. It would need to have F1 style wings to do crazy lap times. Otherwise, it'll be limited to its low grip level at higher speeds.

Lightweight can only go so far to improve lap times. The rest is dependent on other factors.
It's obvious that it should have some proper downforce.
But I think that making an 250 kg Atom is almost impossible, in fact that the original one weight's +- 460, you can drop 100 kg by making carbon sceleton and some carbon parts, but not 210 kg.
And I'm not sure that Atom's custom carbon sceleton will be stiff enough to be as good as it's metal brother.
250kg sound very, very unrealistic. This is what a 250kg car looks like:
And that has got a carbonfibre-monocoque and not a kg of unessesary weight onboard. I think they (KTH in Stockholm) even skipped the swaybars to keep the weight down.

I think you could get and Atom down below 400kg if you made most of it out of carbonfibre. Maybe even down to 350kg, but I think less weight is one of the last thing that car needs. If I wanted it to perform better I'd tune up the engine (I've heard of V-TEC:s with more than 670hp) and try to get some kinda 4wd system in there.

And about the aerodynamics; I don't think the point of the Atom is to be the ultimate track car. If so it would probably look more like a Radical. I think the point of the Atom is to be the ultimate thrill to drive. I mean you can't really get closer to a motorcycle on four wheels can you?