Ownership Verified: I bought a more or less practical car - 2017 Ford Fiesta ST


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Mar 6, 2005
Motor City, Michigan
13 Ford Mustang GT, 17 Ford Fiesta ST
As I alluded to the other day, I did a thing... A small bright orange thing...




Its even bright orange inside!



Proof pic


I wanted to get a FiST for a while, and without going into too many details, the opportunity came up. I was looking for a 2017/2018 in Orange Spice with Molten Orange Recaros. I found a few in states that required front license plates so they had brackets installed, which was a deal breaker for me since the Ford designed one is drilled into the bumper and riveted by the dealer as soon as the car arrives on the lot. With Michigan being a 1 plate state, I'd either need to remove the bracket and have 2 giant holes in the front bumper or would need to get some vanity plate like this one. No thanks. I ended up finding one in Florida on Autotrader and went to my dealer to talk about shipping it up here. To my surprise, he was able to find me one here in Michigan. It was surprising because I couldn't find it on any site, and trust me, I checked them all - Autotrader, Cars, Cargurus, eBay, etc. It didn't even come up on Ford's official dealer inventory search system (I later found it, it was miscategorized as a car with gray seats rather than orange). My dealer told me he could get it to me for a certain price, but when I looked at the site of the dealer selling it, they had it for several thousand less. So I went up there, took a look at the car, drove it, and decided to get it. It was sitting on the lot for quite a long time so I went over it with a fine tooth comb checking everything I could find. Ended up finding a rather long (but not deep) scratch on one of the panels, but the dealer's paint shop took really good care of that and discounted the car some more to sweeten the deal...... so yeah.... I have a Fiesta ST now.
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Congrats. Hard to beat a small, nimble, chuckable hot hatch. Enjoy grins aplenty.
I want to taste that colour. It looks delicious. Can't argue with a Fista as a choice, especially a hot one.
You are the third person I know of that has bought one of these recently. I always thought they were overpriced for what you get, but with the current deals I am seeing, it seems a bit of a bargain. This is also a much better color than your Stang. ;)
Congrats! Since the launch Ive been drooling over those, and seeing one in person at the Ring (they're not sold here in Brazil) didn't help.

Angry little car by Guilherme Atencio, on Flickr
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If the 1.6 ecoboost FiST would be available as a 5 door here in Germany it would probably have been my next car... Sadly that is not the case... Congrats on the purchase!
That's just about how I'd have ordered one myself. Take great care of it! :)
Der Stig;n3551282 said:
I demand a photoshoot with the Boss for maximum obnoxious colors in one photo :D

The Mustang is staying in the garage until I can get it fixed. I do have a photo of them together from when I drove up to the dealer to test drive it.


Also I made a bright hatch friend at work today

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Awesome colour, so much better than green :tease:
Woo, congrats! Love those seats!

I also think this gen Fiesta looks better than the current one.
Congrats! This is a spectacular little car and I love the colour combination. What’s going wrong with the Mustang, though?
JimCorrigan;n3551377 said:
What’s going wrong with the Mustang, though?

I hit a small animal in New Hampshire during my vacation. Insurance appraisal scheduled for this week. Hopefully will get it into the bodyshop by early next week and back before I leave for Ringmeet. Fixing it will be easy, but I’m really not looking forward to the paint match that will inevitably be off due to the color complexity.
Yay!! Love the color - can only imagine how fun it is to hoon!
Dashcam installed

Got the wiring diagram and pinout of the connector to know where to tap into.


Pulled the overhead console.

I misread the connector locator diagram and though I was going to tap into the overhead console connector. But the number and color of the wires was wrong. Got very confused

Reread the diagram and realized, I need to unplug the moonroof connector, which is in the headliner and not reachable from the overhead console cutout. Ended up reaching in through the moonroof.

Got it out. The wires were correct! Coworker recommended I use Positaps, so I got a sample pack for free during Prime Day. Sure enough they were much better than the cheap Chinesium taps I used to use.

The 12V to 5V USB converter connected.

Wrapped in felt tape to reduce chance of rattles.

Converter tucked away into the headliner, USB cable run through to the windshield.

And camera installed with everything tucked away.



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