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I can't play avi


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Jan 22, 2006
San Francisco, California, USA
ya, I don't for some reason I can't play avi at all
anyone know a program that can play it? please send a link
the windows media player one episodes work, just not avi
I tried to convert the avi, but didn't work
I did try to play them on windows media player and real, but it just has audio
and quick time doesn't even play it
I downloaded some avi players, but they didn't work, so really I'm looking for a proper avi player or another site that has other formats for all of the episodes.
first of all: you do not only need a player, but the player needs a codec to decode the video and audio...those avi's are actually XviD or DivX

I can recommend FFDshow that's a splendid codec so you can play your avi's in WMP.
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=53761 or google it and try to find the newest version. For some reason I always find the 2002 version...

You can also google 'VLC Player', that will play it without installing extra codecs i think.
oh my god, thank you guys it worked
jensked said:
pfrocker said:
oh my god, thank you guys it worked

my god? no no, you can call me Jensked

And Pink Floyd rules.

Yep, Pink Floyd Rules! :)