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I can't wait for 7 lbs


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Dec 1, 2004
ohio, usa
s13 and a beater daily

sorry for the shitty pics
my m30 motor is 9:1 compression stock
3.4L making 208 from teh factory at teh crank
its just asking for boost =]

i've got a manifold and turbo so as soon as i save up
i'll be buying the other junk

i'm running 6-7psi non intercooled and looking at 260hp wheel
9:1 holy shit yea it is asking for boost. but imo anything over 5 psi should have an intercooler or at least alcohol injection to cool the incoming charge. if i were you and were looking for a cheap way out, i would run 5 psi, a walbro 255 and just a fmu would be plenty.

my setup is basically a sr setup. its a t28 with a shitty mani, 370 cc injectors, walbro 255, safcII, jgs oil lines, 3 in downpipe to a test pipe to my 3 in exhaust, and a turbo xs rfl bov. as of now its just a sidemount intercooler but that will very soon change. its going on over winter break so im thinking of getting a fmic setup before then. after that i want 550 cc injectors, a jwt tune still running my safcII, 300zx tt mafs, and eventually a quieter bov and a gt2871rs(disco potato)

just to let all you people that think that sr20s are the only way to go, there is someone running 25 psi on a stock internal ka. at (i think) 18psi he made 423 hp at the wheels. honetly im surprised im not getting flamed for no going sr20

btw nice offsets on those rims(i dont like drifting but i have a drifters perspective on rims)
I doubt most of these guys know what a KA24 is, so they can't flame you for it! heheh, I love the KA, poo poo the SR.

I have seen 8-9 psi run on high compression civics with really good results, no intercooler. If you size the hotside A/R right there is GREAT response without the intercooler.

You could use a much larger turbo than a T28 and it would spool nicely. I would also just get a standalone as ECU retunes are rather worthless.

I think I am going with a GT38R on my FC, not too big, good spool. around 400HP.
standalon isnt needed until like 500 hp. its definitely overkill for me. the jwt and enthalpy tunes are whayt most of the mild build guys are using for the ka. all im aiming for is 300 hp and a gt2871rs will be perfect for me bc it will spool fast as hell and boost shouldnt fall off up top. i care more about handling than power but its nice to be able to beat all the dsms that always try to race me

read up on www.ka-t.org great site with cool people
standalone isn't necessary, it's just nice for tuning. HP has nothing to do with whether a standalone EMS is required, it just offers more control. your car will run better and you'll be able to get more HP out of your setup, more reliably. The ECU retunes are kind of a hit and miss affair, I've seen them work well, and seen them utterly fail. For what you spend on a retune and something like SAFC you can get a used setup that will run your car well for a long time. Standalones also let you adjust more parameters for increased response.

Either that or go megasquirt.
megasquirt is a standalone and im not going to lie... i wont be able to tune a standalone. plus im so broke right now i cant afford anything
I suggested MS because it's cheap as hell(you build the damn thing yourself!). When I started learning about standalones it seemed really really daunting, but if you look around you can usually find a map to start with, or the EMS can start with stock ECU parameters and tune from there. Plus if you dyno tune your car(which you should) any good tuning shop will be able to tune it for you.

Another not quite standalone option is E-Manage. Many people are having great success with it and the EMU looks really nice!

lol, I didn't mean to hijack your thread, any guy sticking with the KA is OK in my book! :thumbsup:
I have just seen too many setups go on ebay because of poor or inadequate tuning.

The only thing better than a turbo KA is a KA with ITBs or sidedrafts!

oh BTW, Evo ICs are really cheap these days because the rich kids all upgrade to HKS or something silly they don't need, heh. Like a $100 for a core that hasn't even seen 100 miles. So there's a good option if you decide to go FMIC. For 7lbs a small sidemount is probably much better tho, less pressure drop and better throttle response(I have seen non-intercooled setups too).

check out this book:Maximum Boost

good luck!
i have always wanted that book but it all comes down to price... im broke and have a desire for speed so all my money goes in my car. im also trying to pay it off at the same time.

another good cheap ic is the srt4 ones. plus i have fog lights in the front and most fmic setups cant fit with the fog lights. it looks like this so it will let me keep my fog lights O\_______/O

O = fog lights. the end tanks are at an angle so im thinking it would work

itb ka clip that you probably have seen
another one

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