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I found the stig! [yet again!]


Lazier than Viper
Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
2007 BMW Z4 3.0 SI
I know I know, another topic about it, but so what, I can do it! :lol:

so I was watching JC's Extreme Machines show and found the stig! he's a professionnal hovercraft racing driver!


Aahhh since Ren wont do it:
LOL how can you be sure thats the Stig, anyone can wear a white helmet cant they. We need a better shot of him, if we can see the body we can tell if its the Stig or not.
well we don't see his body... that's the best shot I could get. But I found the ressemblance quite apparent.
That's someone using a white Simpson Bandit series helmet. Way before the black Stig was introduced, if I'm not mistaken. But nice find. ;)