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I get some weird e-mails from this site...


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Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
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From:              mr.doit from china
E-Mail Address:    [email]xxxxx@163.com[/email]
Subject:           look for the cooperaition in china
User's IP Address: 218.18.71.xxx
Sent At:           Saturday, May 21st, 2005 07:37:33 PM


I am  mr.DOIT, that comes from Chinese Shenzhen, I am very interested in the automobile information program of your company.The car in which comment on I relatively enjoy character and styles and abundant contents of the vogues.Now and very long in the future for a while, China is all a global most important automobile market, the automobile industry has the infinite potential in China.Don't know that your company has to open the exhibition cooperation intention in China, if have the interest, the sincerity hopes that I am your company to lead the way the person and cooperate the colleague in China!
Seriously, WTF?
yah invest oppurtunities are starting to open up like hotcakes in china, i think gm is starting to move in....

many ppl predict china's economy will outgrow the us's in the next 20 years or so...

scary shit =[
No, I know that, but why they decided to e-mail me that via the form on this site is beyond me...
Its obvious that email has been translated from chinese by something primitive (like bablefish) maybe he ran this site throug some translation program and decided that you must be a manufacturer of some sort :D or that you perhaps make Top Gear?!?!

I think its because they think that you own the TopGear program and they like the format of this show
I think that it's sapm intended to rip you off. That guy never visited the sit. I bet his bot did.
LMAO, tell them you give away cars to people who post. lol see what they say.
Get a Chinese friend (if you don't have one make one temporaily) and investigate deeper. I'm pretty sure you can get away with fraud if you dig deep enough. ;)
i argee with the person that said it was translated from babble fish. i recon hes just a average guy gettting to know BT and knowing that he ant watch TG and FG from this site
its like yahoo u fool

so that guy has a email form there what makes him bad?

163 are lucky numbers in chinese thats why they used it as a site name
Well if it's like yahoo, it's not worth shit, it's not like if it had been some company's website