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Mar 21, 2005
Carrickmacross, Ireland
BMW E46 318 CI
I just updated my server... its a new company in spain and they have just installed an optical fibre connection on my pc. Right now the speed is 1Mbps but it will get faster.... :thumbsup:
yes but we pay too much...

Belgium: ADSL 4mbps/256 with 10 Gb is something like 35euros/month
France: ADSL 8mbit/8mbit with unlimited download is 15euros/month

I just read in 'test aankoop' (consumer magazine) we are the most expensive country in Europe for broadband internet. BUT we do have the most broadband connections.
80% of the internet users have broadband here.
80% of the internet users have broadband?, so the article below dows not make sense. or?

broadband in netherlands is around 12%,
Dutch: "Zo wist Nederland de koppositie te bemachtigen gevolgd door Denemarken en Belgi?."
"Netherlands take the lead, and then Denmark and Belgium".

but 4mbps/236 for 35 euro/month.....that's quite expensive.
raheel_qamar said:
1 Mbps download dude..
Is that fast ?

I just tested my speed and these were the results:

Glad you got a faster connection.

Speed is something most of us can never get enough of. ;)
^speed is more than enough

the amount of data is to limited. what in gods name can you do with 10gig a month?
if you aren't carefull, you fill it in 1 week
Who said anything about 10gb ? :dunno:

My isp suits my needs. Apart from seeding TG, I don't use a lot of upload and I only reached once my d/l limit (20gb) in over a year so ...

Most of my need is speed. When I sit in front of the computer, I don't want to wait, at all. 8)
^if you have ADSL you can keep buying blocks of 5gig, and at the beginning of the month, you start with 10 again

i have cable and can go up to 30gig for 1?/gig, but when once set, you can't undo it, you pay for the 30gig all the time, even if you don't use it

that sux

and you can only choose between 1 ADSL and 1 cable provider :roll:
bone said:
and you can only choose between 1 ADSL and 1 cable provider :roll:

Hmmmmm, NO. This is true for cable, but when you choose to have ADSL you have lots of options. Belgacom is just the main provider.

Greetz Johan
Man us Americans are getting ripped off :D I have to pay like $55-60 a month for 2.5 Mbit download and 30kilobytes/second upload.... Man overpriced broadband is annoying :roll: .
about living in the right place: in Holland they're selling ADSL2+ connections for E 39,95 and you get 20/1 (Mbit that is) so that would mean over 2MB/s downstream...