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i got a puppy :):):):):):):):)::):):)


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
yeah i got one on sunday night.

its a jack russell terrier and i;ve decieded to name it Troy, unless u guys got better names. please no RB26 or GTR or Rotory dont wanna name it to do with cars lol.

really cute its like 2 months old only. post pics in a few hours when back from work
Puppies and kittens are the best. I can play with them for hours (at the expense of my skin).

I think Troy is a very good name. :thumbsup:
Thats awsome, I have a cat, and i'm tired of cats, i'm thinking of getting a puppy too.

Post some pictures please, i'd like to see him.
My rabbits gave birth to four young rabbits 2 weeks ago. TOOO DAMN CUTE GOD. I FEEL LIKE BITING THEIR HEADS OFF. MY RABBITS >>>>>>>>>>>> YOUR PUPPIY.
unless u guys got better names. please no RB26 or GTR or Rotory dont wanna name it to do with cars lol.

LOL :lol: Troy is a very nice name. :thumbsup:

I wanna see pics! We have a kitten now and it's a real bitch, yesterday my sweater was all bloody, I played with him and he scratched me a few times, it began to bleed later... :x
its nice and all having a puppy.. i thought about getting a pug.. but whenever i think about his poop and having to carry shit shit in a bag and training him to pee outside.. i rethink it :p
my cousin had a shih tzu and it was trained pretty well... it would go on its own to pee and shit outside... but the prob is if you forgot to tie it up at night... it'll run every and screw things up like taking your toilet paper and pulling it everywhere :lol:
One dog is nice, but having three like I do is an utter annoyance, at any time at least one of the dogs will be barking, the other will pee on the rug, and the third one will beg for food/attention. Of course, it's worth the irritation when they do something cute. :)

If I could go back choosing different pets, I would have one female dog and a female cat. Cats are cool and don't need much tending to. :clap:

Enjoy your cute puppy. They grow-up far too quickly.
this is painful!! no way to make it smaller?
For #@$%'s sake jason, learn to use a program that you can resize images with. :bangin:
You can just resize those on your computer you know...
why don't u set ur camera to take pics with smaller resolution?
btw super cute puppy ^_^
yeah i will 2night. i noramlly take at 2nd best quality coz they will be improtant and i keep most of my pics. and if they are fmaily ones i normally deveop them at photoshop
wow, its cute one from what i can tell. Now i hope your the type to properly take care of it. And it just wasn't a impulse buy :p

Gl man, and troy is a lovely name.
sorry there wasnt much light and i didnt want to use the flash. u know why. i used it once and my dad told me it might hurt it and i felt so bad, maybe thats why its eye is like that. DAMMIT!