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I hate the Green Bay Packers

Dec 9, 2003
Decorah, IA
2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (USDM)

OK, maybe not the Packers team itself, but rather those Packers tv shows (and there's like a dozen of them or so).

Take for example "Locker Room Live", they do stupid shit like spew out an hour and a half worth of mindless drivel such as why their team was so inept and why they lost for the millionth time again.
And here's the kicker:
They do this instead of showing the Simpsons and Family Guy :x :wall:

Never you mind that pro football sucks compared to college ball.
IMHO the Simpsons and Family Guy > football.

Anyways, I don't see the Vikings or the Bears do this, what makes the Packers so god damn special? :x

Hopefully I can get my car paid off this year so I can get satellite tv and I don't have to get most of my tv from Wisconsin anymore. :thumbsdown:

if you mean american football.. then am with ya

PS: anyone that got ahold of world cup tickets pm me plz :p
Wow that sucks, after the game was over I flipped to another channel. Thats so stupid, I think people want some comedy after a game, not some stupid mindless crap like that. :thumbsdown:
Well..thank god I don't live in Iowa, even though it's my home state and haven't lived there since just after I was born. The Packer's think they are special with having "Football Immortality" known as Brett Favre, even though he should have stopped years ago, and Sherman should be gone by now.

I understand, I am a huge football guy, and a Vikings fan through and through. And so far, all I get is KFAN radio that does the Vikings dedicated shows and Minnesota sports. But to hell if I was to miss my Family Guy or otherwise for some show about my team, I already know what happened! Not to mention the daily rants on what happened to my team on SportCenter and other shows.

Family Guy > Football, when it's in the evening and nobody cares! :thumbsup:
I especially hate the Packers, since I live just about an hour north of Green Bay, WI. It's green and gold everywhere, cheese-head-central :thumbsdown: