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I hate Vuk


Chicken Nugget Connoisseur
Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
2008 Dodge Viper, 2006 MB CLS55 AMG
Son of a...

[10/23 15:43:52] Vuk: i cannot record tg tomorow
[10/23 15:44:44] Vuk: u there?
[10/23 15:45:25] Vuk: viper!!!!!!
[10/23 15:45:28] Vuk: hey
[10/23 15:48:43] Viper007Bond: holy fuck, why not?!?!
[10/23 15:48:56] Vuk: haha had u there
[10/23 15:49:02] Viper007Bond: fuck you
[10/23 15:49:04] Viper007Bond: :(
[10/23 15:49:11] Vuk: :-D
[10/23 15:49:14] Viper007Bond: bastard
[10/23 15:50:21] Vuk: :p
:shock: :lol:
not cool!
i could not resist! :oops:

was gonna do it to cruzz 1st but he wasn't online :p
lmao!!! :mrgreen:
good one, lol.

Viper007Bond: holy fuck, why not?!?!

he probably had this reaction --> :shock: :shock:
i was all like :shock: :shock: :shock:


i was all like

yeah i saw the topic and assumed the worse. :eek:

then i saw the chat and was like :shock: . im pretty sure we all were :oops: :mrgreen:
wooooowwwww.. that was wrong lol.. i read vuk saying he cant get top gear and i said NOOOOOOO WTF NOOOOO outloud.. then i read on.. and said WTF!!!! FUCK YOU! lol
yeah, holding out on him :lol: things is, that actually works ... :oops:

My heart skipped a few beats and I started freaking out and trying to figure out where I was gonna get an alternate source. :|
He's not getting out of it that easily... I'd send him the episode on tape to rip it from. :twisted: