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I Have A Decision To Make - EDIT: Nevermind

I Have A Decision To Make - EDIT: Nevermind

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  • No! I have some reason why and I'm posting that reason...

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Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
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Okay, well, turns out Jabba from Jabba's World used to have full Fifth Gear and Top Gear episodes for download and will be having all of the seasons of both shows back up soon.

So, I have to make a decision - should I continue work on this? It's a lot of work for VUK, it's a huge amount of work for me, it's a huge amount of work for me, it's available elsewhere on the net and it's a huge amount of work for me.

I think I'm gonna drop development on the site unless I hear a good reason not to...

*EDIT*: VUK - If you want to keep ripping these and want me to keep my site up, I'd be willing to do that. :)
i don't really mind, no offence or anything but as long as they're available then i don't care where :)
Screw it - I'll leave it up and continue work on it. :)
Like it is now?
PLZ keep it up!!!! i've been banned from JW so i cant get the vids from there anyway :( . basicalyl i offended some mods because im outspoken and the mods didnt like my criticism. they want sheep over there, you d/l a vid and thank Jabba like he's some god and negative comments aren't much welcome. no real free speech.

I would really appreciate it, the work you put into it.
Please keep it up........JW sucks big time, private little boys club, if you don't crawl you get nothing. Some of us don't have all day to post meaningless drivel to build up a ranking
Well I know about JW, actually got some of his vids from racingflix, can't say I like his website even though I went there only a very few times. I do like this palce, I know you and well people here are friendly and all, the forum is great.. But yeah we're in the TG/5G section so I guess you're talking about the vid section. I think the vids made by VUK are better than the ones from Jabba in term of quality and they also don't have any ad or banner. If ti'stoo much money and work well I'm sure everyone here will understand it. But if it's only because you have some competition well I say: Let's beat them to it! :twisted: hehe! it's your choice bud 8)
rossc83 said:
Please keep it up........JW sucks big time, private little boys club, if you don't crawl you get nothing. Some of us don't have all day to post meaningless drivel to build up a ranking

EXACTLY!!!!!!! im not the only one, i was a top ten poster, over 900 posts, i contributed a good number of topics and he banned me cuz i "bitched too much" and critiscized him too much. i said one time that i didnt like the way mods treated members and that there was a double standard. if u criticized the site or posted that u didnt like the vid it was followed by a negative comment by jabba or his mods like, "then dont download vids" or "you could always go to another forum to post crappy reviews". it mad me sick. im liking this place as the days go on, more ppl posting and its free from the bullshit of JW, requirments and other bullshit. THANK YOU VUK and Viperbond for time and effort and i hope that we can say one day that this site is better than JW.
as i said to the guys at supercars.net,from sayin bad things about jabba and his site do u think any time soon if at all he will giv u videos,not a chance.we aint sheep following him,all he and the mods at JW want is u to get involved,chat,but dont fuckin leech away or post spam to look like u are a regular.a lot of the guys there met jabba from the first day he posted on racingflix,me bein one of them,and got involved in the long ass thread there and have stuck with him (as some of us now can at least call eachother friends) and have been regulars and got involved.thats all he asks,take your time and get involved.

and justin u got nuthin to complain about coz u was a prick once,and jabba and the mods forgave u,then u did it again,and they forgave you and then just bein an arse,u went and did it again,so no wonder u got banned,but no problem,we dont realise u have gone
Ya Half of the site i cant down load be cause my computer cant play AVI vids. I cant even watch them. I like this site a lot better. Keep up the great work and lets make this site even better than JW.

I'm workin' as fast as I can, but I gotta have a life. ;)

if everyone could keep and eye out for some webspace it would make viper's life much easier :)
Please do keep the site running. I am one of those guys that can't download from JW as he wants some exclusivity in the videos. Wat's the point of having the video vault if he wants it to be available to a select few? Might as well juz pass the video around to the guys that he liked.
I truely appreciate what VUK and viper007 is doing to keep the site running. I have a miserable webspace of 30MB. If I can help, I am more than willing to do so. I also have lots of Top Gear and 5th Gear videos. So if there's anything you guys need let me know.... :D
have non of u fuckwits complaining about jabba not givin vids out ever heard of "bandwidth" it isnt free u know.

and all of u sayin lets make this site better than JW,lol you can try but you wont succeed.i mean good luck to you viper007bond i have no problem with you or your site,just the people who are givin shit coz jabba wont giv them free things,shame you get most of the JW cry babys here
Of cos I heard of bandwidth, I study Information Technology for crying out loud. Yah I do know bandwidth isn't free, I've got one so I know the pain. And I dun really get much of JW's video anyway cos I have other sources. I do visit JW's site once in a while, and read a lot of the forum topics.
JW has solve bandwidth problems by removing the link to all but a select few. Which is one way to go and trying to promote its forum and increasing the access to no. of users to the video vault gradually.
Anyway, there are lots of solutions to problems like these, and I dun want to get involve in the bickering of JW's site anyway, I'm juz tired of it.
The point is, developing a site like this isn't easy with ppl downloading for free and eating up precious bandwidth. Wat I wanna offer is any help of any kind towards making things possible. I think bit torrent is the way to go if you want to solve this type of problem. If you have any other suggestions to the problem please contribute? Let's just move on.....
yes moving on is good,but justin is just doin this coz he got banned from there,your fault justin no one elses
I have no problem with Jabba personally and I totally know about issues with bandwidth (in fact, I ran out this month ;)).
justin syder - I deleted you posts. If you want to bitch out gis, do it in a PM as you figured out. ;)
i don't think we are trying to be better then JW, we just want to provide the rest of the world with Top and Fifth Gear episodes with no www.jabbaworld.com adds
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