I have never game

True, and I intend it to stay that way. Hunting is unnecessary and barbaric.

I have never said "uoiohiouhwsowriewoircaftiy".
true, I work in $

I have never written a published book
False. My clients lie to me all the time. Undoubtably one of them got something they shouldn't.

I have never swallowed money
True (as far as I know)

I have never seen a Formula 1 race live at the track
False. I've seen the pictures (you didn't say that you were personally required to be in space) :lol:

I have never spent more than 72 hours straight at work
True. To be honest I've barely spent more than 72 minutes at work :p

I have never taken part in a seance.
false. what else is there to do at 14 year old girl birthday party come sleep over...

I have never plucked a chicken

I have never watched a chicken being slaughtered.

I have never failed a subject/module.
False, so very very false :lol:

I have never stolen money from my parents


I have never gone bungee jumping.