I have never game

False. But Near death experience will do that.

I have never speculated in the property market

*en garde!

I have never been on a track day with a V8 Supercar

*you want to risk it against my wooden spoon? :evil:
False, driven many of them round tracks

I have never driven a Formula 1 car
False, probably more of them than most people.

I have made people jealous due to my job which allows me access to high performance cars. :p
False (for me) ^ :p

I have never abseiled down a building
True, don't like heights.

I have never skydived.
True. Why jump out of a perfectly good plane?

I have never been involved in a police chase
False, foot chase, when I was a kid playing pranks, never got caught though.

I have never been in a car chase.

I have never read that as "I have never enlarged another person while undertaking a car chase. " Honest. Not once. I have never believed it, either.
False. I think. Maybe.

I have never set fire to my neighbour's annoying friends

I have never sabotaged a party.

I have never bought a saw (been given 2)
False, seen the first 2.

I have never seen Love The Beast by Eric Bana. (will do soon)

I have never confused Eric Bana with the character Dr. David Banner. Honest.


I have never destroyed a Norwegian town with a combine-turned-snowplow.