I have never game


I have sailed a boat.

I have never been waterskiing. (or skiing on snow for that matter)
False. (Skiing is one of my favourite things (with my cothes on (Do I really need this many levels of brackets (I think it's the fault of that Lisp programming!)?)))

I have never liked vi.
True (but then I only know about 20 commands and have fuck all idea)

I have never thrown a computer screen though a window

I have never built a car using only a hammer.

I have never crashed a truck through a gate (came damn close yesterday though)

I have never owned a car that rolled downhill because of a dodgy handbrake.
False, knew all along.

I have never put a line through my post because I was too slow on the reply.
True (gotta love edit)

I have never wanted to be a geek, but it sort of happened when I wasn't looking.
True, but am for pretty much the same reason - it just turned out that way

I have... chocolate (he says, cheating :D)
True (and it's all mine I tells ye, all mine!)

I have never drenched a cow

I have never had to impregnate a cow. (certainly don't envy any vet who has to do this)

I have never driven a snowplough.

I have never been on a skidoo

I have never eaten glass.