I have never game

False. Drove there as a kid with the family of 4, from Wisconsin to Niagra Falls (going around lake Michigan), in our 80's Ford Escort hatchback. I don't remember the exact year, but I'm pretty sure it had a "1/2" in it.

I have never eaten bone marrow (on purpose, at least...not counting if it just leaked out of a bone onto the meat).
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I have never been to mexico
False, crashed my motorcycle due to my own stupidity a few times.

I have never driven a bus.
True. Wait...does "front, yet between the wheels" count? If so, 4th gen Corvette. If not, then no.

I've never hit a water polo ball with a baseball bat.

I have never 4D printed anything

I have never fondle 38D breasts

I have never seen Spectre in the flesh. :D
True..if you mean "at a time." Otherwise, false.

I have never been shot with anything more powerful than a BB gun.

I have never shot a potato cannon.

I have never made a draino bomb