I have never game


I have never drunk bleach or brake fluid.

I have never peed in an office desk (like I'm almost about to).

I have never driven a tractor
True, despite living in the Midwest...

I have never driven a Porsche. :(
False. Have driven a base Macan, a 991.1 GT3 and a 1982 930.

I have never rolled a car.
If I had to be in it, true. If it counts doing it with a tractor, false.

I have never been to Canada.

False, Ontario and specifically Mississauga and Toronto felt no different than Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Sure some of the houses looked different but for being so proudly not Americans, they things very similar... the only difference I could tell was the slight accent and of course the unit of measurement they use.

I’ve never been to the southwest.
False. SoCal, Scottsdale AZ, Grand Canyon, Reno and Vegas. Grand Canyon, though. Seriously...plan a trip.

I have never worn an "athletic supporter" or cup.

I have never been skiing.

False. If you count former landfill sites-turned-ski hill in rural Wisconsin converted to ski hills as actual "skiing".

While I've ridden on several as a passenger, I've never driven a snowmobile.
False, went snowmobiling with my parents 15ish years ago in New Hampshire.

I have gone horseback riding.
True, my sister used to own a horse and I’ve gone on multiple trail rides when on vacation. I don’t quite understand the fascination with horseback riding but to each his own.

I have never ridden a dirt bike.

I've never been bitten by a reptile or anything like a snake, lizard, frog/toad, salamander, etc etc.

I have never ridden a unicycle
False. My family drove there from Wisconsin in our 198_ Ford Escort 2-door Hatchback. 4 of us. My parents thought buying us a handful of Tiger Electronics LCD games would keep us quiet. They had no idea how horrendous the sound is on those things.

Kinda worth seeing if you're in the neighborhood, from the Canadian side.

I've never done yoga.
False. My ex convinced me to sign up for a week trial at the local studio then got pissed at me when it turned out I was better than her on my first try. Turned out I'm pretty flexible and have a rather good sense of balance.

I have never been on a long haul flight longer than 10 hours.
True. I even start getting anxious after 4 hours. the 8-9.5 hr flights to Germany are murder since I lose all hope of concentration on things from a book to a movie. I have trouble sleeping on planes so that further adds to the aggravation never mind being just uncomfortable enough. Once I'm there, I'm happy but planes do weird things to me.

I've never flown on Jet Blue.