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I hope this is not right


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Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
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FUCK man, it looks like a freakin' Saturn! :thumbsdown:


Pic I took from this month's Road and Track
yeah, caught that in R&T too, and I do hope they're going to change their mind about that design.
It's a supra, not a nissan altima ... they're copying, which I hate, but they're copying wrong, which is worse.

The side panels of an Aston meets the nose of a forklift? Make the rear end look like a Crossfire and make it perfect.... That doesn't look like a Supra should at all, JP sports cars are going downhill fast. Just look at the new Skyline/G35 ><

Oh well, at least Honda didn't bother 'designing' the NSX yet.
that looks so unsporty :yucky:
if the headlights werent so close together, it could somehow work for an old people car, but there is no way that could work for a sports car. it's as if they copied the jaguar shape, but the jag actually looks good..

:cry: :cry: :cry:


It is horrible... Please Toyota... Don't do it
I've seen nicer front ends on a Kia. :thumbsdown: Those side views are uber sexy, but they belong to Aston, or maybe Jaguar, not Toyota. I'm not liking the whole package too much :thumbsdown:
Supras where excatly the best looking cars themself, but alot better then that ugly pos
are you sure that's the final look? cause they make lots of bullshit concepts before the real one. I hope its not like this, but I think it'll be more from this world rather than hell. Also, i recall the new supra getting a V10, no? a v10 with 500hp .. :unsure:
My guess is that it will look somewhat like the Lexus concept seen earlier. Don't worry about this guys, this is just a chopped image, this guy does alot of artist renditions of what future cars will look like, only some, about 30% of what I have seen, came out to look similar to production models. So far, this is just pure speculation. :)
I saw ghost pics of something claiming to be a new Supra on the ring in CAR magazine a while ago (PCOTY issue 2004, I think)... I seem to remember it looking a lot more promising than this, so I guess there's still hope :p

As for the old Supra's looks, I think it actually looks pretty good... and as for the 2000GT: It may be classic, but it's still a seriously ugly car :p
The last generation Supra and the 2000GT is, IMO, the best-looking Toyotas ever.

I hardly doubt a Supra successor will return, at least under the Toyota badge. I'm guessing Toyota wants to stick with producing boring and generic-looking driving appliances like the Camry and Corolla.

As for the concept drawing, I must have really bad taste then because I kind-of like it. Very different and very un-Toyota.
I think the 2000GT looks as if they've tried to copy the Jaguar E-type, but they had to use starlet part to keep production costs down :roll:
i think that looks pretty good, like many of said it trying to put bits of the orginal 2000gt(really nice car) in to it. which i find pretty attractive. is this getting that v10 engine?
logo said:
Also, i recall the new supra getting a V10, no? a v10 with 500hp .. :unsure:
No, that was a possibly for some kind of Lexus sports car. The Supra will have a MZ based V6 that will compete with the 350Z and RX-8 or a UZ based V8 to go after the Vette/M3 price range.
vanMould said:
I think the 2000GT looks as if they've tried to copy the Jaguar E-type, but they had to use starlet part to keep production costs down :roll:
the 2000GT was designd by the guy that did the BMW 507..
and he was on the design team for the first 911..

if you se a 2000GT and a E-type together you cant se thy people think its a copy..
(and im not talking about pictures)

the supra has been dead to long..
this almost looks to mutch like one of the old consept pictures to be true
wee all remember this