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I know EXACTLY who the STIG is...


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Feb 27, 2005
Well, at least one of them.

In the latest issue of Autsport (final week February 2005), there is an interview with Renault Driver Development driver Heikki Kovalainen. He's the one who defeated both Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Loeb in the Race of Champions 2005.

The article reveals that in the episode where the Renault F1 car shattered the record at the Top Gear test track, the driver of the R24 is none other than Kovalainen himself.

That story about the STIG ecstatic about getting to drive an F1 car for his birthday? Totally made up. In the end, the STIG is merely a fictional character, with completely fictional temperament, taste in music, and the like. There is no fixed real-life identity.

Case closed.
I actually thought about that myself as it seemed more feasible than Renault letting someone outside the team drive the car. But due to his racing schedule etc. that could only have been the one time appearance as you said.
maybe only for the F1 car? since am sure the Kovalainen will get a better time than the stig himself.. eh who cares anyway stig got sucky taste in music :p :yucky:
Does anyone know what STIG stands for????
i think they said it before... i think stig is a famous legendary rally driver or something stig was his last name or something.. not sure :p
awe man this sucks ass. my dreams of being the next stig are over.
Well there used to be a World Rally Driver called Stig Blomqvist. He won 11 world rallies and was the 1984 World Champion.
I've seen the somewhere an interview with the stig. He was promoting his new book. "the stig" i think. So it's old news.
Wow, Heikki Kovalainen must be a Finnish driver, it's a Finnish name. But Im not sure if I have ever heard that name.
EDIT: Rofl, he seems to have a Japanise fansite!!
That's ok, but it's funny that it's webmastered by 2 Japanese ladies, and they have written the site also in Finnish!! "We need a lots of time and a big dictionary" (to be able to read Finnish) :D :) :D
Quite obvious that the story about the stig recieving the drive in the f1 car for his birthday was made up. Renault wouldnt just let a person with no f1 experience drive their car. :D
Yes, Kovalainen is a finnish driver. He used to drive in F3 series. I'm finnish and if you need something to be translated, I can try to help ;)
I read somewhere online that the guy who drove the Bowler Wildcat and the Evo against the kid on a mountainboard was one of the Stigs. Don't know his name, or if it was true or not, though.
Re: I know EXACTLY who the STIG is...

bluetentacle said:
The article reveals that in the episode where the Renault F1 car shattered the record at the Top Gear test track, the driver of the R24 is none other than Kovalainen himself.
You know, I'd wondered about that when I watched the episode. I thought it was marginally suspicious that Renault would let anyone but one of their own drive the car, and that The Stig - however talented a race driver he might be - would be able to so effortlessly drive such a tremendous vehicle. Formula 1 cars are so very little like any other automobile that it does take - I would think - some fair bit of training and acclimation to drive one without spending most of your time going about in circles.
Well one of the "Stig" characters was interviewed in FastFord magazine. He was the one driving the Ford Focus RS around the track. I also belive that there is no permanent Stig. Stig can be whatever potential racingdriver
Perry Mccarthy was the old stig. We've established that time and tide again.
It aint that hard to drive a F1 car as some might think.
Lots of people that has NO experience what so ever of driving anykind of sportscar buy old F1 cars and start to race with them for fun.

The older F1 cars they buy the harder it is to drive them.
With todays F1 car it's so easy that anyone who gets into one can drive it and reach the pedals.